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About Kayem
How do you pronounce Kayem?
Kayem is pronounced like the letters "K" "M".
What is the history of Kayem?
In 1909, Kazimierz and his wife, Helena, emigrated from Poland to Chelsea, Mass., in pursuit of the American dream. In a small storefront they started making kielbasa by hand and soon began delivering it to surrounding neighborhoods by horse-drawn carriage. The company is still located in Chelsea, Mass., only in a much larger facility. Both corporate offices and manufacturing plant reside in the same building with an additional plant in Woburn, Mass.
What is the song in your television commercial?
We get a lot of requests for the name of the artist and title of the song in our summer “Celebrate Something” ads. The song in the ad with the tire swing is called "Remember Your Free" by Ben Hartley. The song in the bocce spot is called   "Heart of Mine" by Israel Cannan
Where does the name Kayem come from?

The name Kayem is derived from the initials of its founder, Kazimierz Monkiewicz.

Where is Kayem located?
Kayem is in Chelsea, Mass., adjacent to the Tobin Bridge.
Know Your Meat
How many people will a ham feed?
Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a pound of ham equals one serving.  For bone-in hams, approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound of ham is one serving.
What are casings?
Sausages and hot dogs are formed by filling sleeves (casings) with meat.
What does "smoked" mean?
"Smoked" is a natural process that creates flavor. We use natural hardwood chips in our smoking process.
What is bratwurst?
Bratwurst is coarsely ground fresh pork and beef or fresh pork and veal, originating in Germany.
What is kielbasa?
Kielbasa is a Polish, coarsely ground, cooked and cured pork sausage.
What is pastrami?
Pastrami is beef that has been cured, smoked and spiced.
Our Products
Are Kayem franks kosher?

Kayem franks are made with only the finest cuts of meat and contain no by-products, fillers or artificial flavors however they are not certified Kosher. Kayem Beef & Pork Franks contain pork; however our Lean Franks and Beef Franks do not. Our manufacturing plant has been certified for food safety by the newest global standard, BRC issue 6.

Are your products ready to eat, or do they require cooking?

Please look at the package to determine if the product is fully cooked or fresh (uncooked).

Fully cooked products can be eaten right out of the package. However, we recommend heating them to fully enjoy their texture and flavor.

Fresh products require cooking before consumption. Please see the package for cooking instructions.

Our fresh brats and Italian sausage should be cooked until they reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees to ensure that any bacteria that may be present is killed.
Do any of your products contain Finely Textured Lean Beef?
At Kayem, we stand by the quality of our great-tasting products, which consumers have been enjoying for more than 100 years. Our formulas do not contain any fillers, by-products, ammonia hydroxide processed finely textured beef or MSG. Kayem products are made in the USA by manufacturing plants that meet or exceed all USDA standards.
Do you really make the Fenway Frank?
Yes, we are the Official Frankfurter of the Boston Red Sox and make the Fenway Franks that are sold at the park. They are also available at your local market.
How do you cook your Triple M Dinner Hams?
All Triple M hams are fully cooked, so all you need to do is heat and serve. Temperature and times vary by type and size of your ham. View our ham cooking instructions here.
How long is the product good after the package has been opened?

Fresh (uncooked) products should be kept in the refrigerator, tightly wrapped, and should always be consumed or frozen prior to the expiration date.

Fully cooked products must be stored in the refrigerator and should be consumed prior to the expiration date or within 3 days after the product seal has been broken.

Frozen products should be stored in a freezer and consumed within 3 months after freezing to ensure the best flavor. Be sure to freeze the product prior to the expiration date.
I cannot tolerate lactose. Are there any products that I should avoid?
I live in New York and I can’t find Fenway Franks at my store. Where can I buy them?

We know Red Sox Nation is everywhere, but our Fenway Franks are only available in the six New England states with the exception of Fairfield County, Connecticut. Send a friendly note to our customer service department, and they will be happy to aid you in your quest or use our Where to Buy tool to locate the store nearest you.

I’m concerned about food allergies. Do you have products for people with food allergies?
Please review the product ingredients—listed with each product or on the product label—to determine if the products are suitable. Kayem Foods Inc. offers numerous items to choose from, so we are convinced you will be able to satisfy your needs!
If your product says "All Natural", what does that mean?

"All natural" refers to products made without chemicals, food additives or refined ingredients. There are no artificial colors, fillers or by-products in these products.

What are Nitrates and Nitrites?

Nitrates and Nitrites are a widely used curing agents for meat.  Curing, by the way is a process that helps preserve the meat and ensures its safety by preventing the growth of various harmful bacteria.  The USDA and the FDA have both approved the use of Nitrates and Nitrites as a safe and highly effective ingredient to ensure food safety.  They’re used in thousands of meat products that you likely purchase and consume every day.

Certain vegetables such as celery are also very high in Nitrites and nitrates and can be used as a source to help preserve products.   But regardless of the source of the nitrates and nitrates the end result of the curing process is the same. 

What is gluten? Do your products contain it?

Gluten is a protein in all wheat, rye, barley and oat products. These ingredients are stated clearly on the ingredient label, and none are "hidden" within our "flavorings" classification.

The only Kayem branded products we produce that contain gluten are Kayem Pale Ale Brats, Kayem Polish Loaf, Kayem Meat Loaf and Kayem Macaroni and Cheese Loaf.
What is the difference between a Kayem Old Tyme Frank and a Kayem Hot Dog?
Old Tyme Franks have natural casings, which give them a "snap" when you take a bite into them. Kayem Hot Dogs do not have a casing.
What makes your Old Tyme Natural Casing Beef Franks so delicious?

These franks are produced with only the finest, juiciest cuts of butcher-grade beef and blended with our signature recipe of premium spices. Natural casings seal in the juices to unleash a burst of premium beef flavor with the snap of every mouthwatering bite.

Where can I find nutritional information?

We list nutrition information with each of our products—franks, brats, sausages and deli meats. Otherwise please review the product package label for nutritional information.

Where can I purchase your products?
You can search by product and zip code by using our find a store tool.