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Tips for First Timers
Everyone starts somewhere. If you're a grilling novice, you should start here.
Plan Ahead
Been a While Since You Grilled?
Plan Ahead!

a.  If you have not checked the operation of your grill
     in a while, don't wait until an hour before your
     guests arrive.
     Fire up the grill the day before and use a wire grill
     brush to clean up the grate.

b.  Be sure your tanks are full and ready to go.
Don't Pierce the Casing!
Those three diagonal cuts so many of us put in our franks before grilling provide absolutely no taste improvement or enhancement. In fact, many natural juices and spices run out of these slices, diminishing the hot dog's taste and plump appearance. Cook your dogs over med-low heat instead, and take them off the grill once they are browned.
Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
There's nothing worse than kicking off your grilling, then realizing you need to head back into the kitchen. Get everything ready up front: vegetables sliced, condiments put out, and trays and utensils arranged nearby. When the heat gets turned up and things start flying around, you'll be happy you were so well prepared.
Safety First, Second, and Last
Grilling is always fun, but it can also be dangerous if you aren't careful. Never leave your grill unattended, keep a spray or squirt bottle of water nearby, and watch out for kids near the grill. When you're done grilling, make sure your grill has cooled to the touch before closing up shop.
Separate the Goods
Always keep cooked and uncooked meat separate: different serving trays and different sides of the grill. No matter how cooked your meat is, it can still be reintroduced to bacteria through contact with raw meat.
Everyone starts somewhere. If you're a grilling novice, you should start here.