Creamy Potato Soup with Bacon

Miso Bacon Carbonara Pasta


“🥓🍜✨ Umami Magic Unleashed! ✨🥢 Redefine your pasta game with this Miso Bacon Carbonara Pasta! This dish brings together the rich smokiness of bacon and the deep, savory notes of miso to create a pasta dish that's nothing short of magic! Click the link for the full recipe.”

Miso Bacon Carbonara Pasta


3-4 slices of Kayem’s Double Smoked Bacon
2 tbsp of Miso Paste
1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, grated
2 eggs, 1 egg yolk
1 tsp of Black Pepper
10 oz of spaghetti pasta
nori furikake seasoning for garnish
scallions for garnish

  • Place spaghetti pasta in boiling water and add some salt and take out 1 minute before the recommended boiling time on the package.
  • Slice up the bacon and pan fry till crispy, make sure to keep the bacon fat in the pan.
  • In a bowl, make the sauce by adding miso paste, parmesan cheese, eggs & yolk, black pepper, 2 tbsp of hot pasta water, and mix.
  • Add in the drained pasta and coat the pasta with the sauce. Add pasta water if too dry. Garnish with nori furikake seasoning and scallions and serve.