You don't have to be a fourth-generation butcher to know when you've just bit into something delicious.

Natural Casing Franks

When you sink your teeth into this grillable masterpiece, you know you’re not biting into just any hot dog. It’s the hot dog connoisseur’s choice — the original frank — crafted with a natural casing for an irreplaceable burst of juicy flavor and satisfying “snap” with every bite, and if you aren’t already a loyal fan, you will be very soon.


For the first time ever try Kayem’s small batch, slow smoked, thick-cut bacon. It’s so delicious we waited over a hundred years to share it with the world. One bite, and you won’t feel like sharing either…

Classic Hot Dogs

Everyone loves a classic, it’s the go-to, the one you think of when you think of grilling and parties and ball games. It’s the frank that stands the test of time, a perfectly tender and juicy bite that you just never get tired of. Whether your kid’s friends are coming over or you’re the one bringing the grillables to a party, there’s nothing like a classic to please the crowd.


It takes premium ingredients and a baker’s touch to make a bun that does more than just complement the meat. Baked golden brown and sturdy to hold up to the most savory meats, if ever there was a vessel worthy of premium pork and beef we think you’ll agree, it’s the soft and hearty buns made fresh by Kayem.


You’ll savor every last bite of our carefully crafted, premium slices of butcher-quality deli meat. Nothing will remind you more of slow roasted, home-cooked meals.

Perfecting Our Craft

Kayem was founded on the belief that the highest-quality ingredients and time-tested recipes result in meats that inspire gatherings, lead to friendships, and bring families together.